Second Annual New Year’s Eve Anti-Celebratory Gunfire Campaign, and Support from SLMPD’s 2nd District

Results: Shaw NOM 911 & Non-Emergency Survey

In January, the Shaw NOM developed and shared a simple survey to gauge 911 and non-emergency services.  The organization decided to take this step after hearing a number of criticisms of the city’s dispatch service by Shaw residents. The goal was to provide a simple, verifiable (using time and date stamps), yet thorough survey. A survey that would yield transparency via a citizen controlled process that could be shared publicly.  The survey was conducted during a two week period.  The link to the survey was shared on various social media sites, via our email “update” contact list, and was sponsored on Facebook (within city limits, all neighborhoods). Thank you to everyone that participated.

The survey link is included below and has the complete breakdown of the survey.  No results were tampered with or altered.  However, keep in mind that with any data collection there are always some outliers.  The results allow for each person to individually determine if the City of St. Louis is meeting their requirements for efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to this category of emergency services.  The Shaw NOM will not speculate on any deficiencies.  The reasons for any deficiencies (staffing, leadership, technology, etc) is a question best addressed by our elected leaders and Public Safety Director.  The Shaw NOM always supports efforts to improve and enthusiastically supports collaboration beyond our neighborhood’s border.  Criticisms and compliments are always needed when working towards solutions, but in the end, we ARE looking for solutions to problems.  Taking appropriate ACTION will help better our city, and in turn, make St. Louis a safer place for everyone.  In the end, despite our diversity in demographics and politics, none of us want to be a victim of a crime.  Some common ground!

Link to the “Shaw NOM 911 & Non-Emergency” survey:

Included is a link to the SLMPD’s “911 Communication” page.  The page gives a description of expected service.

Cleaning Up Shaw with Operation Brightside

In January 2020, graffiti “artists” targeted over 25 pieces of property in the Shaw Neighborhood. Working together, the Shaw NOM and Operation Brightside worked to quickly clean up this vandalism, in what felt like record time given the cold weather. Thank you to Operation Brightside for providing our community with such a great service!!

First Annual Shaw NOM anti-celebratory New Year’s Eve Campaign

Shaw NOM volunteers helped us to repeat our second, and first annual NYE anti-celebratory gunfire campaign.

This year’s campaign expanded to include collaborations with the Tower Grove Baptist Church’s youth leadership; and the addition of new yard signs along the Shaw neighborhood borders.  We hope that Shaw and surrounding neighborhoods celebrate a safe and happy New Year’s holiday as we enter the 2020s.

Shaw NOM Private Camera Installation Program! (Program Discontinued – See for recommended private camera options)

The Shaw NOM is offering a new private camera installation program in an effort to assist interested neighbors in purchasing and installing private cameras. For program details click here: PRIVATE CAMERA INSTALLATION PROGRAM

If you already have Private Camera(s) and would like to register your camera with the Shaw NOM, please complete the registration form: Register Here

Lights. Cameras.  Action! – taken by the Shaw NOM!

The Shaw NOM is always looking for new ideas, to implement best safety practices, and to re-evaluate older methods of prevention.  For instance, take the standard ‘neighborhood watch patrols’ where neighbors walk the blocks or wait in cars looking for suspicious activities.  The Shaw NOM DOES NOT support these traditional patrols in Shaw, for a couple reasons.  1) Our crimes go beyond simple larcenies.  It’s a fact that Shaw experiences violent crime, and these crimes almost always involve a fire-arm.  Suggesting that unarmed residents should patrol the streets where armed criminal action has been consistent, could very quickly lead to those residents becoming victims themselves.  Also, the Shaw NOM would NEVER condone residents conducting armed patrols. 2) The proximity of our homes negates the necessity of mobile traditional citizen patrols.  Meaning, our homes our built close together, and we do not have the vacancy issues we had in the past.  Many of our blocks have 40+ individual homes.  Neighbors can simply organize times to look out their windows and get a good view of the area.  Also, Shaw has had an influx of private camera installations.  Our neighborhood housing structure allows for a stationary, built in, and SAFE citizen patrol.  Reason number “2” keeps you safe in your in home.  You can call the police, you can alert your neighbors, you can hit the panic button on a car alarm, assist by providing useful video, etc., all of course, from the safety of your home.

What can help you get a good view of your block?  LIGHTS!!  That’s why the Shaw NOM spent the past two days delivering 100 LED Dusk-till-Dawn complimentary lightbulbs to Shaw Neighbors (paid for by the Shaw NOM).  We would like to thank everyone who contacted the organization for a lightbulb, and a big thank you for your willingness to help bring to LIGHT this ILLUMINATING safety initiative.  If you missed the chance to get a free bulb, but would like to purchase one, we have included an amazon link of a bulb option.


Shaw NOM Public Meeting with Mayor Krewson, Chief Hayden and Captain Deeba

November 12, 2019

Approximately seventy neighbors came out to learn about the ‘Shaw NOM Private Camera Installation’ program, to understand what’s happening with the Shaw NOM cameras and RTCC feed, and to hear from elected and public officials regarding crime and safety.

On the heels of a successful year, this meeting provided an opportunity for neighbors and volunteers to get more involved as a block representative or to help with special projects such as the New Year’s Eve door hangars. Sign up at or by email at The Shaw NOM also invites volunteers to serve in different capacities based on their own interests and availability, as we continue to make the neighborhood a safe place for everyone.

Participation prizes!

One lucky Shaw resident won the special drawing for block representatives and now has a free, round-trip voucher on Southwest Airlines! Thanks to everyone who signed up to serve. In an effort to help LIGHT-UP THE NEIGHBORHOOD, all attendees received a FREE LED Dusk-Till-Dawn light bulb.  Two attendees won tickets to local St. Louis attractions.

Thanks to the many Shaw and nearby residents who joined this important meeting.  The effectiveness of citizen led organizations like the Shaw NOM cannot be understated.  Working together, we really can make a difference. 

Working with a Business Neighbor to Improve Safety in Shaw – 8/26/2019

Jack in the Box on South Grand Avenue. Before (top row) and after (bottom row) photographs following collaborations with Shaw NOM

In May, the Shaw NOM was contacted by a resident regarding criminal activities around the Jack in the Box on S. Grand, the most notable being a rolling gun battle in May.  The fence at that location was partially missing; and the remaining fencing improperly rickety and hazardous due to poor installation.  This inadequate fencing was allowing for people to cut from S. Grand through the Jack in the Box property to the alley between Flad and Flora Place.  The lack of adequate fencing at this location presented security and safety hazards for Shaw neighbors and the Jack in the Box employees.

After verifying the number and nature of calls for police at that location, the Shaw NOM reached out to the franchise owner of that Jack in the Box and eventually to the corporate office in California.  We did quite a bit of leg work in researching the ordinances surrounding fencing requirements for fast food establishments that back up to residential areas.  We made many phone calls to identify the correct city department that would verify the intent of the ordinance; and ultimately received written confirmation from Jack in the Box’s corporate office that the issue would be resolved.  

By August 2019, Jack in the Box had competed the new fence installation in its entirety.  This newly secured and properly installed fence will improve safety and security for all.  Our NOM was able to cut through considerable red tape, work directly with the business owners and city departments to verify the ordinance and convince Jack in the Box to bring their property back into compliance.  

Thanks to everyone involved in this collaborative neighborhood success.

Shaw NOM Inaugural Fundraiser: Celebrating a Year of Success

The Shaw NOM celebrated its first year with an inaugural summer fundraiser on August 1, 2019 at Thurman’s in Shaw. Prizes included round-trip airline tickets; tickets to Cardinals games, the Repertory Theater, the Blues Museum, Missouri Botanical Gardens and St. Louis Billikens games. Local businesses including Cafe Natasha’s, Sasha’s on Shaw, Urban Chestnut Brewing Company, Brasilia restaurant, Dunaway Books, American Cleaners donated gift certificates and other items in support of neighborhood safety.

Stop the Bleed! 5/9/2019

Compton Heights Baptist Church Parking Lot Project – Completed 4/27/2019

The Shaw NOM is pleased to announce the completion of the Compton Heights Baptist Church parking lot project. This project resulted from the Shaw NOM’s ongoing crime statistics reporting and analysis. Recently, we found that a number of criminal incidents including violent crimes were happening in a concentrated area (3600 block of Castleman) within a small amount of time. Two of these events were precipitated from or involved the church lot. As of October 2018, the parking lot at Compton Heights Baptist Church was poorly lit and the parking lot was unrestricted – an ideal setting for criminal opportunity. After reaching out to Compton Heights church’s lead Pastor Wendell Sapp, it was determined that improvements to the lot could make a major difference in this area.

In support of our mission, the Shaw NOM offered to work with Pastor Sapp by fixing the dilapidated and defunct parking lot bollard entrance structure, all provided by the Shaw NOM. Pastor Sapp and church leaders were in full support of this offer and the need for this crime/safety initiative, with one caveat, they insisted on paying for all required parts. As a result, LED lights were installed by Ameren UE to replace the inactive lighting structure and the church’s entrance structure has been completely restored to include new bollards, chain ropes to restrict traffic and to provide secure entrance and exits. All bollards have been restored (including two that were completely broken). Additionally, all bollards were stripped and repainted, drilled and tapped to allow for chain mount installation, new chain installed, decorative caps, reflective safety devices added; and new welcoming signage has been posted in the lot. All the labor, planning, and parts retrieval was conducted by Shaw NOM volunteers. The church now has the option to secure their parking lot from vehicular activity when not in use, which they plan to do once all their leaders receive their set of keys.

Yesterday, the Shaw NOM delivered the first set of lock keys to Compton Heights Baptist Church as the project was completed. Pastor Sapp’s counterpart, Pastor Wyatt, and the church congregation chatted with Shaw NOM volunteers as they left the service. Pastor Wyatt gave a tour of the 113 year old church, showcasing the beautiful interior and the many activities the church conducts onsite and across the St. Louis region. Along with the church community, neighbors stated their appreciation of the updated new look and hope to see less crime in and around the lot. Through this project, the Shaw NOM learned about a longtime church neighbor including the activities they offer to inner city children and families though athletics, summer camps, and a number of other activities. Compton Heights Baptist Church is a great organization and is dedicated to working with the Shaw NOM and the Shaw community as we continue to promote and work towards building a safer community. In this case, re-building one bollard at a time!

An Evening With Kim Gardner 4/9/2019

Circuit Attorney’s Office: An Evening with Kim Gardner The Shaw Neighborhood Ownership Model (NOM), in collaboration with the Tower Grove Heights NOM, the Tower Grove East NOM, Benton Park West Neighborhood Association and Princeton Heights Neighborhood Association, is pleased to present an evening with Kimberly M. Gardner, Circuit Attorney of the city of St. Louis. Ms. Gardner will outline the important work of the Circuit Attorney’s Office (CAO), her role and current projects, plans and important efforts. She will present on her initiatives and take questions from the audience.

  • What: Circuit Attorney in St. Louis – an evening with Kimberly M. Gardner
  • When: Tuesday, April 9th, 2019 from 7:00 – 8:30 pm
  • Where: Tower Grove Baptist Church at 4257 Magnolia Ave, 63110

What is the Circuit Attorney’s Office? The Circuit Attorney’s Office represents the people of the State of Missouri as their chief prosecutor for state-level crimes in the City of St. Louis. The St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office employs over 60 attorneys, 20 investigators, 10 victim services case managers and over 30 support staff. Each year they review over 15,000 cases and prosecute approximately 3,000 to 4,000 felonies (crimes punishable by more than a year in prison) and 2,000 to 3,000 misdemeanors (crimes punishable by less than a year in jail). Across St. Louis, crime is a daily reality. The City of St. Louis had 187 homicides in 2018 (2018 UCR Homicide Analysis). The organizations hosting this event are working to build strong communities in support of crime reduction; but there is a lot of work to be done. This event is an opportunity to learn about current efforts and discuss possible solutions and collaborations. d

Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner – Full Video of the Shaw NOM’s Event, Including Q&A

2019 Second District Police, Officer of the Year Awards Luncheon

Happy to have supported ‘2018 Officer of the Year,’ Police Officer Martinez, and all of the monthly award winners. Thank you for your award earning service to our community.

Congratulations, Allen!

On January 24, 2019, Shaw NOM volunteer Allen McDonnell was a recipient of the “2018 Nextdoor Award,” presented by Board of Alderman President Lewis Reed. Allen received this award for his efforts and dedication to public safety in Shaw and elsewhere. Congratulations Allen, and thank you for your continued dedication and involvement with the Shaw NOM.

Shaw NOM Volunteer Allen McDonnell and Board of Alderman President Lewis Reed

The Shaw NOM Supports Operation Ceasefire!

The Shaw NOM supports the Operation Ceasefire project, and ask that you consider supporting this crime reduction initiative as well. Thank You and Stay Safe.

Operation Ceasefire Form Letter

Consider joining us in supporting the Operation Ceasefire Project in St. Louis. Click here for a form letter that can be used to send your elected officials.

Operation Ceasefire Event

Ceasefire in St. Louis, an evening with Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed

What: The Shaw Neighborhood Ownership Model (NOM), along with the Tower Grove Heights NOM and Tower Grove East NOM invite neighbors to learn about Lewis Reed’s proposed Ceasefire Project and to discuss new visions for St. Louis

When:   Wednesday, January 16th 2019

Where:  Tower Grove Baptist Church

New Year’s Anti- Celebratory Gunfire Initiative 2018-2019

Success!! There were no police reported incidents of gunfire when the clocks struck midnight Shaw. This was a strong contrast to last year’s celebration when we experienced an overwhelming amount of dangerous celebratory gunfire. Including bullets that penetrated into homes. Thank you to all of our volunteers that helped deliver door hangars throughout the 3000+ homes in Shaw, and thank you to residents for supporting this initiative. Also, thank you to the St. Louis Police Department for their support in our effort and to Fox 2 News, KSDK, and KMOV for their great reporting on our safety initiative. Visit our “Media” section for to view the news coverage.